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stories teach and inspire. 

                               stories convey hope.

                                                           stories enrich our lives.

we’ve always been amazed at how life imitates nature. and, how much we can learn from the wildlife around us.

it’s full of miracles. take the time to watch a house wren and her mate build their nest and you’ll begin to understand what inspires us.  they begin by choosing the ideal location and environment.  soon, they’re collecting dried grasses, string, horse hair, twigs, and even their own feathers. while the male continues gathering, the female begins weaving the diverse materials together, even using her own body to shape the all-important cradle in which she will lay her eggs.

while the nest must be strong enough to withstand the elements, the center must provide protection, comfort, and warmth for the eggs and newborns. fhis cradle will hold their precious treasure and feature their most prized possessions.​

what's your story?

working day and night to create their “nest”, we’re reminded of…

how similar the building of this nest is to the building of a life, a relationship, a home, and a community. as the various “pieces” of your story come together, they are woven together carefully to create the strength, endurance, and beauty to withstand the joys and sorrows our stories will include.

iust as building a nest requires the gathering of unique and diverse elements, our stories include the “weaving” together of unique and diverse people, places and experiences.

the beauty and miracle of a nest come from a diversity of elements. Just as some materials within a nest are stronger than others, it is the whole that creates the security, strength, and beauty we long for.

now picture a place where you wake up inspired every day.


a place that celebrates simplicity, beauty, and authenticity.

a place where form and function blend seamlessly. 

a place where quality is paramount to quantity.

your nesting place to create the stories that define of lives.

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