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our values


respect for all– The cornerstone of community.

generosity – It’s better to give than receive.

individuality– Celebrate uniqueness!

creativity – You were created to shine.

relationship – The best part of any story.

beauty – Find it wherever you are.  It’s there, you just need to open your heart and eyes!

simplicity – Slow down and smell the roses.

excellenceIf it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it right.

from the heart – Life is worth living.  Don’t miss out!

 jennifer beecham​​​ - owner and design principal

jennifer beecham started her journey with a passion for art which led her to study at maryland college of art & design.   while in school,  jennifer began her professional career working for several major retailers.  starting in fashion, jennifer quickly moved up the corporate ladder becoming one of the youngest managers in the company's history. although her early career focused on the art and fashion industries,  jennifer soon discovered her passion and creative gift for interior design.


her love for design and creative flare soon led her into the home furnishings industry where she enjoyed a successful career as both a design manager and store manager for ethan allen, basset, pottery barn and cococo home.   this platform allowed jennifer to continue to hone her gift for creating spaces that celebrated her unique design flare while still reflecting the personalities of her clients. simply put, we help to create your ideal nest!

as fate would have it, jennifer married rob beecham, one of atlanta's leading luxury home builders, and soon joined the family business as creative director for beecham group (  

folia' home is the culmination of 20+ years of industry experience and represents jennifer's dream of sharing her experience, gifts, and talent with her new customers. 

A Road Less Traveled...

rob beecham - owner & home designer

rob beecham dreams big. he dreams small, too. many of the projects beecham group has 

engaged in, both great and small, are rob's brainchildren. and more importantly, he has the 

tenacity and skill to help bring those ideas into reality. rob, dressed down style and goatee,

exudes a kind of boyish charm that gives you a sort of easy confidence that the finished product 

will be exactly what was intended.

part of his job is as a salesman, and there's something about his way that makes people want in on what he's doing. everyone who meets rob understands that such big ideas need a big personality to back them up. He makes you believe, and more importantly, he makes you believe it's going to be fun. rob’s eye for design and detail has in part enabled beecham group to rise to the top of the luxury construction community in Atlanta.

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